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Magick Alley Shopping Area!

Welcome to Magick Alley, the only place to buy all your witchcraft and wizardry supplies.  Located in Altair Silva, Magick Alley, like Diagonal Alley, hosts a variety of 'shops' where you can buy everything your magical heart desires.  Our stores are recommend by Luna School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

From wands at Cernunnos, to all sorts of owl and wolf themed products at Orpheus and Estella's Emporium.  Visit Incendio for all your candle and incense needs, or try Draco's for anything dragon related.  If you are looking for activity booklets or learning resources head to Luna's Library, while Dryadalis has everything a hard-working house elf needs, to relax and chill after a long day in service to your master.  If you are looking for stationery pop over to Scroll and Quill; for everything else you might need, head to Spellbound.

Magick Alley Shops - for all your magical needs!

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