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Luna School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Crystal Magic Book, also known as Gemstone Research to muggles and grown ups. 


This resource contains  40 gemstone pages, to encourage witches and wizards to research the history, mystery and origin of various gemstones.  They guide the young apprentices through a series of questions, as well as allowing them to create their own ideas.  Blank templates are also included, so you can incorporate your own gemstone choices.  A great alchemist and philosopher once wrote, "You must learn to question everything. To wait before moving, to look before stepping, and to observe everything."  And that is what you should do with your crystals - ask and answer every question!

Crystal Magic Book (Gemstone Research)

  • This is an instant download file.  If you would like it to be printed, bound and posted, please message us to discuss price.

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