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Luna School of Magic Divination Guide and Practice Book, also known as Poetry Tea Time, or weekly poetry activities to muggles and grown ups, includes two booklets. 


The Divination Guide contains 40 poems and activities, to inspire young witches and wizards to develop a love and understanding of poetry, along with a contents page with tick box, so you can identify poems shared, as well as a 4 week planner, that you can print as often as required, and a session planner, again, print for each poem.


The Divination Practice Book contains 40 notebooking pages, with drawing and writing prompts linked to each poem, along with a certificate of completion at the end.


Divination, known a Poetry Tea Time in the muggle / grown up world, is a time spent together, enjoying poetry. We recommend setting aside some time each week, with tea, hot chocolate, sandwiches and cakes etc, (a real afternoon tea), sharing the poem aloud, together, then discussing it and maybe painting something. Take it outside and have a picnic, choose food in shapes related to your poem, theme your afternoon tea with napkins, a menu, make it magical.

Divination Guide and Practice Book (Weekly Poetry)

  • This is an instant download file.  If you would like it to be printed, bound and posted, please message us to discuss price.

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