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Fraction Card Game


You can undertake this Defence Against the Dark Arts (D.A.D.A.) challenge in lots of ways.  You can play it on your own, as a way to practice your fraction knowledge, or against another witch or wizard, like a duel.


This is a game to support skills with fractions, identifying what fraction is shaded.  Young witches and wizards can use the cards as is, or simplify fractions, where appropriate, to further their skills. 


*Print on card, cut out and laminate to reuse.  Include 12 question cards, 3 free turn cards and 3 miss a turn cards.


The cards can be used in muliple ways, print 2 sets, to use as snap cards, play a choice game, where you choose a card and work out the answer.  Use as a memory game, or compete against others to win valuable house points! You make the rules!

Fracto Ludo Game

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