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Introducing our Selene Collection, a stunning range of jewellery that celebrates the magic of the moon.


With a new design released each month, you have the option to subscribe and receive a monthly delivery or make a one-time purchase.   


Each piece is inspired by the monthly lunar cycle, and comes in three stylish options: a bangle, stacking bracelet, or necklace.  For the ultimate statement, select all three items and receive complimentary earrings with your purchase.


Each piece is uniquely designed to correspond with the gemstone and moon name of the month it represents, complete with a charming moon emblem.


Alongside a moon charm, January features a wolf and garnet crystal, perfectly capturing the essence of the Wolf Moon.


This gorgeous collection is perfect for moon enthusiasts and makes a thoughtful gift for any occasion.


Join us each month to discover a new, one-of-a-kind design inspired by the magic of the moon.

Selene Collection

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