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Little Witches and Wizards!!

For the young witches and wizards:

🌟 Welcome to our incredible school, Seanchaí, nestled in the enchanting Lupine Hollow!

🌟 Founded by the remarkable Estella Silva, a passionate witch, and the extraordinary Orpheus Altair, a masterful wizard. These two amazing individuals, who also happen to be my beloved grandparents, are animagi! Estella gracefully transforms into a majestic snowy owl, while Orpheus can effortlessly shift into a magnificent Arctic wolf.

That's why our school houses proudly feature the owl and wolf, symbolizing my very own name, Luna Snow Wolf! 🦉🐺

After embarking on numerous adventures around the globe, Orpheus and Estella recognized the need for a haven for young witches and wizards. And thus, the magical Seanchaí was born! With great pride, Luna Snow Wolf was appointed as the headteacher, continuing the legacy of excellence and magic! 🧙‍♀️🧙‍♂️✨

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