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Updated: Jun 25

Welcome to the amazing world of Seanchaí! Here, we are thrilled to share all the exciting happenings at Seanchaí (Education and Gifts).

Let's kick things off with a big hello from yours truly - I'm Professor Luna, the enthusiastic founder and proud owner of Seanchaí. Not only am I a distinguished professor (or Muggle teacher), but I also hold numerous magical qualifications and have an undying love for everything nature-inspired, ancient, and spellbinding!

Seanchaí provides an ideal environment for students to advance their academic studies and for aspiring young witches and wizards to enrich their magical education. Our program caters to children aged eight and above, with the possibility of enrolling one-on-one students at a younger age upon request.

We offer a diverse range of online live sessions that cover fundamental curriculum subjects up to GCSE level, along with unconventional themed sessions infused with elements of nature and magic, reminiscent of a real-life Hogwarts experience, all from the convenience of your home. Moreover, we offer a downloadable curriculum, online courses, and personalized 1-1 support across various subjects, spanning from Early Years to GCSE level.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be unveiling more comprehensive details about our offerings for the upcoming months.

Complementing our educational platforms, at Seanchaí, we channel our storytelling passion into crafting unique gifts. Explore our exquisite range of jewelry collections, each piece inspired by both timeless and contemporary narratives!

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Miss Eva and Captain. Organ are privileged to be a part of your AMAZING school if Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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