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You will receive an invite from Professor Luna to join us on our online classroom, a magical Google Classroom.


The Seanchaí Classroom offers an all-in-one online learning platform with engaging lessons, interactive tasks, challenging quizzes, and a wide range of resources and games to suit different learning styles.


For a one-off fee, students have unlimited access to the platform, which can be used independently or with the support of a house elf.  Ideally it should be purchased as one access per child, but I am fully aware this is not possible for all families, and don't want anyone to miss out, so if you need to purchase one per family please do.  


Our classroom is as a self-study resource, and is not a teaching platform.  Professor Luna will check in and add new ideas, resources and activities but will not be available to 'teach'.


As an added bonus, we reward students with housepoints for Altair (Wolf House) or Silva (Owl House), adding an element of friendly competition, and a fun competitive element to their learning experience.

Seanchaí Classroom

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