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Seanchaí Classroom

Our classroom is an absolute dream for organizing your home education! Elevate your learning journey with extra themed tasks that will make your educational experience truly enchanting! Every week, get ready for a magical adventure with 10-15 activities tailored to captivating magical or natural themes. Dive into core subjects and explore exciting non-traditional lessons that will spark your curiosity and creativity! Let's make learning an unforgettable and magical experience together!

You can expect to receive an invitation from Professor Luna to join our enchanting Google Classroom, where the magic of learning awaits you.

Experience the excitement of the Seanchaí Classroom, your ultimate online learning destination! Dive into captivating lessons, tackle interactive tasks, conquer challenging quizzes, and explore a plethora of resources and games tailored to cater to diverse learning styles. Join us on this thrilling educational journey today!

For an incredible one-off fee of only £15, students can enjoy boundless access to the platform! Whether they prefer to use it solo or with the fantastic support of a house elf, the possibilities are endless! While it's recommended to get one access per child, I understand that's not feasible for everyone. No worries! If you need to purchase one per family, go ahead - I want everyone to have the chance to benefit from this amazing opportunity!

Our classroom is as a wealth of self-study resources to explore and expand your knowledge. The incredible Professor Luna will be popping in to share exciting new ideas, resources, and activities with you. Remember, this is a place for independent learning and discovery - so get ready to dive in and make the most of this fantastic opportunity!

As an added bonus, we reward students with house points for Altair (Wolf House) or Silva (Owl House), adding an element of friendly competition, and a fun competitive element to their learning experience.

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